Through Adam Garfunkel we have helped adidas Group to produce award-winning sustainability reports since 2000. We’ve helped them to understand stakeholder expectations and be bold in demonstrating their accountability to civil society. For example, their first report included a table indicating the countries where failures of compliance with their supplier standards were most likely to occur.

Over time Adam has advised the adidas Group on moving to web-based reporting, with the online progress report now supplemented with content on the corporate website. At each stage of their development over the past twelve years, Adam has helped the adidas Group follow the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines to sustainability reporting.

Two of the reports have won best CR report by a German company. With their honest and engaging approach to reporting, the adidas Group is now recognised as a leader in transparency and accountability within the apparel and footwear sector.

“Since 2000 Adam has provided essential consultancy in developing our sustainability communications strategy and corporate website structure and content. Furthermore, he has been involved in shaping the overall sustainability strategy of the adidas Group."
Frank Henke, Global Director, Social and Environmental Affairs, adidas Group 



Since 2011 ESG Communications has helped produce an annual Sustainability Report for FTSE100 gold mining firm Randgold Resources.

Randgold operate in remote parts of Africa and its work both directly and indirectly drives sustainable development creating thousands of jobs, building vital infrastructure and creating substantial social welfare programmes. The firm is also taking innovative steps to mitigate the environmental impacts of their mines.

The ESG Communications team helped Randgold to explain to shareholders, ratings agencies and the wider investment community how its unique approach to sustainability has helped them build one of the world’s most successful integrated gold companies. 

Our report was designed to perform well against the GRI Mining and Metals Sector Supplement and to be used as a tool to engage other important stakeholders including regulators and the NGO community. 

As part of our service to Randgold we also produced a 'Gap Analysis' that compared the content of their Sustainability Report with the criteria for entry into the FTSE4Good index. This has helped the company identify the areas where its sustainability management systems do not match those required for membership of the index, and to put in place plans to work towards entry.

“Working with ESG Communications has helped to focus and improve our Sustainability Reporting. Last year, we conducted a thorough and robust materiality process and that's given us a deeper insight into our stakeholders’ concerns, and ensured our sustainability report addresses the issues that really matter.”  Charles Wells, Sustainability Director, Randgold Resources