ESG is transforming, and so are we.

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In the world of responsible investment and sustainability, the ability to effectively and precisely communicate your values and ESG messaging is paramount. From finance to food, we’ve been helping organisations do this for nearly fifteen years.

We understand the importance of staying at the forefront of this evolving landscape, and we’ve recently undergone a transformation ourselves. As we roll out our new logo we want to share the story of how we got here.

Out with the old, in with the new

When we conceived our old logo, featuring three bright colours, finance-style graphics and “ESG” capitalised, ESG as a term was in its infancy. Few people knew the term, even less understood it. The logo aimed to get noticed and to show we understood the finance sector (which was the only sector that then used the term “ESG”).

We developed a reputation for straight-talking, expert counsel, helping our clients cut through the jargon and providing a paddle for them in the ‘alphabet soup’.

Whatever your position in the ongoing debate around the value of ESG factors in investment-decision making, there’s little doubt that the term has reached the mainstream.

Friends, journalists and civil society now recognise the term ‘ESG’ without us needing to immediately offer an explanation. The term has expanded out of the finance sector and is now widely used (for better or worse) in corporate strategies, legal documents and NGO campaigns. It’s a term with a central role in the rapidly-changing global economic landscape.

Our new logo, all in lowercase, aims to align with these changes.

The switch to monochrome signals simplicity and clarity – ESG no longer needs to get noticed, it needs to be more clearly explained and understood. And increasingly that’s a key value we bring to clients –from distilling long, complex reports into newsworthy press releases, to developing eye-catching assets and articles, this switch reflects the ever more important need to be ‘straight-talking’.

Our bold “esg” challenges perceptions that responsible investment practices remain an afterthought. We contrastingly have a lighter style for “communications” to emphasise our commitment to clear, understandable, and accessible communication in the sector.

A new chapter in our story

But there’s more to our story. Last year, we embarked on a new and exciting chapter by joining forces with a larger sustainability reporting consultancy – Flag Group. This acquisition has allowed us to amplify our impact, bringing together like-minded professionals who are equally passionate and expert on niche sustainability issues, and our logos speak to each other just as we want our teams to.

Working together, we are now able to offer comprehensive services for our clients in finance and beyond.

Straight-talking comms and transparency must respond to a changing landscape. Our new, modern approach to our brand reflects this as we continue to demonstrate our value and offer expert services to our clients.

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